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street fighter flash video

2008-05-31 06:57:07 by flashkof

Hi !
a video of my flash game : street fighter flash

/* */
play game


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2008-08-11 11:28:36

cool i like it


2008-11-02 14:09:41

Man I love your kung-fu fighting game still play it, quick question: whats the name of the music when you fight Evil Julien?

flashkof responds:

Hi, Fijeta
the song is "come to cover me" of Nightwish song


2008-11-30 13:21:48

you are an expert on flash, make more of these and if you can make a game with hokuto no ken, street fighter and snk. i played kof wing and its awsome


2008-12-05 16:23:52

hey man please answer me this question why do the people block so mush just please answer me this andif you can fix or somthin but your games truly do KICK ASS


2009-01-24 14:38:09

any new projects?


2009-03-16 11:27:09

Im a fan of HNK too lol


2009-03-28 15:11:12

maybe im wrong but vega wears the mask and claws not balrog


2011-06-01 20:23:33

nice fighting game man you really did a cool job of emulating SF4.

ever thought of getting 2D artists to make some original characters n stuff?